TOTAL AREA : 77 sq m
LOCATION: Megapolis, Minsk, Belarus
It is much easier to work in large apartments, but our trick is that we started our professional path precisely from small apartments. It is most difficult for customers to cope with them on their own. Especially when in a small space you want a separate bedroom, when there are two children, and there is only one room, when rooms do not become comfortable in the volume from the developer.
This apartment is for a large friendly family with 2 children. Of the tasks: you need a separate bedroom and dressing room, a large number of storage spaces.
In order to fit everything and at the same time not create dark long corridors, we designed a combined free space of the kitchen-living room filled with air for the apartment. The knot of the part of the kitchen facing the hallway turned out to be complexly designed. We made a module on two sides: with a shoe rack and storage systems on one side and kitchen facades on the other.
Our favorite solution is a hidden dressing room at the entrance. The steel profile of the door is only visible when open. So only a small hidden handle gives out a mirror sheet to the ceiling.
In the elongated volume of the room, they found a place for 2 full beds, for a workplace, a wardrobe, a play area and even a dressing table. Everything was provided for, including the electrician in case the furniture was rearranged, taking into account the growing up of the girls.


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