TOTAL AREA : 67 sq m
LOCATION: Minsk World, Minsk, Belarus

Green color somehow mysteriously gets into 80% of our projects. Here, according to the concept, bluish accents prevailed, but during the implementation, green was chosen by the customers.

One of the most convenient options for a streamlined layout is used here, when you can approach the necessary areas from all sides and the kitchen is not pressed against the walls.

The hallway area is highlighted by the lowering of the ceiling and a single color. The coffee shade goes from the walls to the ceiling.

At the request of customers, the dining area here is performed by a semi-bar counter.
There doesn't seem to be a closet in the hallway. This effect was made using a sliding mirrored door. Only in the open state it can be seen that it is framed by a metal profile.
Although the bathtub looks minimalist, there is a large built-in storage system behind the mirrored facades above the sink. By properly planning the wall linings, we managed to make them in the same plane with the cabinets. In the same partition, a niche was formed for shelves in the bathroom.
There is a lot of diffused cozy evening light in the TV zone. It emphasizes decorative plaster. In general, the materials in the project were chosen the most budgetary, but at the same time it was impossible to lose their shape. Therefore, the most important areas were pointwise allocated with more expensive materials, while fitting into the total required budget.
In the bedroom, an interesting solution was evening lighting in the form of a rectangular contour above the bed. It allows you not to turn on the general light in the evening and create a cozy atmosphere.


The apartments are located in the residential complex Minsk Mir in Belarus. In each room, we tried to add an interesting focus detail. The project was made with budget materials and filled with finished furniture. We used minimal decor, trying to match all shapes, colors and materials.
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