Electrical store

TOTAL AREA : 51 sq.m.
LOCATION: Luban, Belarus

This is the second project that we are doing together with the customer.

This store works for many years. So it was necessary to take into account some features working with this space:

+ keep shop equipment and decorate it in a new style to make it look modern

+ add new shelving

+ add storage for small items

+ add as much vertical storage as possible

+ Minimize renovation budget

The most of technical equipment has a straight line shape. So we decided to add more relaxed decorative zone with wooden stumps at entrance.

The walls were originally finished with light gray siding. We had a limited budget for renovations so we decided to keep the finishes and add wood cladding in some areas.

We added artificial grass to decorate the room to continue the natural theme.

Economy panels were added for vertical placement of small goods at the top of each part of the rack.
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