DA 51

TOTAL AREA : 51 sq m
LOCATION: Grushevka, Minsk, Belarus
Two-room apartment of 52 sq. meters is located on the 16th floor in the Petrovshchina complex in Minsk. The interior was created for an adult couple with a view to further leasing. This is the third apartment that customers are making with the designer.
There was a ledge of the wall in the TV zone, it was lined with large-format slabs.
Furniture was chosen as simple and practical as possible, much was made to order. A dining table was made from the remains of the kitchen countertop. In the dining area, a cozy wooden bench was added to dilute the severity of the verified factory materials used in the decoration. Wooden stools were chosen for her set: for flowers by the sofa and for accessories in the bathroom.
The apartment was originally with rooms of the correct form, the walls had already been erected, so there was no global redevelopment. However, a few small adjustments had to be made. Directly opposite the entrance was the door to the bathroom. It did not look aesthetically pleasing, so they decided to block the opening, and move the entrance to the bedroom, forming a niche for the built-in wardrobe by the bed.
From the customers and the color palette of their wardrobe, it was immediately clear that they were not afraid of bright colors, so we made a neutral base of white, shades of black and complemented it with a combination of orange and green. In the interior, a large amount of porcelain stoneware was used as decoration.
The walls of the shower cabin were built from blocks, lined with porcelain stoneware, which is easier to care for than glass panels.


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