TOTAL AREA : 68 sq m
LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
"I turned on the subdued light, I open a book, evening Moscow is outside the window. There is a wine cabinet next to it, in case the mood suits."
We like to conceive some kind of idea and atmosphere at the planning stage, then it is much easier to work on visualizations.
In the center of the room is a modular 2-sided sofa. Low window sills and the elongated nature of the room made it possible to place a sofa group in a small room without pressing it along the walls. On the other side, the sofa faces the TV area.
The customer loves the hotel style and wanted to bring its character into her interior. The bedroom turned out to be concise and restrained. Behind the headboard, an asymmetrical composition of wall panels and a pendant lamp with a touch of rose gold was placed. The color scheme is built on subtle shades of gray-coffee cozy colors.
The mirror has taken its place opposite the bed, but it can easily be hidden behind thick curtains.
A girl's dream is her own dressing room. This was an important wish of the customer. For her, we chose a place at the entrance to the bedroom. The space was fully utilized. We took the right size of the bed, left convenient aisles and gave all the remaining meters for a spacious dressing room. Doors to such rooms are often made sliding and without a bottom rail in order to save space and make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The MODUS AIR system is suitable for this.


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